Welcome to North Star Foundation

Welcome to North Star Foundation

Welcome to North Star FoundationWelcome to North Star Foundation


The Foundation creates various programs and projects to improve the quality of public aid and to improve a mechanism through which donated resources could be delivered to the people in need. The following programs are designed to fulfill Organization’s mission:

  1. Medical Aid to Hospitals
  2. Clothing for Needy
  3. Global and Emergency Relief
  4. Women in Need
  5. Hope to Children

International Distribution:

NSF builds relief pallets and container loads based on the needs of local and overseas recipient organizations. NSF coordinates transportation of pallets, 20 ft. and 40 ft. containers for inland/ocean transportation and air shipments (for smaller shipments). 

We partner with international in country approved organizations which handle customs and distribution of aide to the end users and report back to us on the distribution. 

North America: United States, Canada

Europe: Russia, Ukraine (excluding Crimea), Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania

Asia: Russia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan,  Kazakstan, Vietnam, Phillipines, Jordan, Lebanon

Africa: Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, 

Latin America: Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti, Guatemala, Dominican Republic

Local Distribution (USA):

We help local non-profits get the much-needed items to their places of need and therefore we have teamed up with others in giving directly to individuals who are suffering. In the past, we have provided assistance through donating items of the basic needs and food to the people of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York schools through libraries, nonprofit organizations, Food banks, shelters, schools churches, volunteers.